Sunday, February 5, 2012

when divas unite

The young k woww came to visit this weekend :)
Sushi, business planning, life planning, and blacklight parties were among a 
few of our adventures

Once a diva, always a diva.

And that was pretty much our joint opinion on the superbowl this year.

After 19 years of being tortured/tormented/enslaved/out run/held prisoner/robbed of clothes, a very strange bond has formed between us. I don't know how we made it out of our childhood without killing each other, but now we stay living young and wild and free <333

Anyway, I live in an apartment full of guys in girl's bodies. I couldn't escape the national holiday that was the superbowl, but we did drink root beer out of the bottles so that was nice. 

And I guess the red team won. Cheers!

h. henrich

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