Sunday, December 25, 2011


What I've been up to since I've been home sweet home:

Finally met my newest niece, Kendall

my young padawan is almost a month old. She will be the anakin to my obi-wan <333

Nextly, we saw Young the Giant :)

the things we went through to get backstage...

Then I went on a quest to Los Angeles with Stephanie Haro :)

Nextly, we had a birthday celebration for this babe.

That trike may or may not have been bartered for in Santee alley... that wasn't my second serving of ice cream and I definitely wasn't eating it with a fork.
I then proceeded to lose to my ten year old cousin in monopoly. No photograph is necessary.

Then Christmas Eve happened.
For our family that means tamales and horchata, gingerbread house contests, opening gifts, and a whole lot of explaining as to why santa always comes a day early to our home.

...couldn't do anything to get that hat off him.

Happy Holidays :)

h. henrich

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Tuesday I said bye to Jake Slemboski for two years...I wasn't very fond of the handshake goodbye.

quick recap of our lives:

somehow we've always ended up in each other's family photos.

Things I've learned from Jake:
Calculus and spanish homework can always be done in Mr. Hall's English class
The Hummer dealership was set on fire near his house in West Covina
white boys can jerk...and make the kernels pop
Why buy donuts when you can dumpster dive?
Nothing will ever compare to California
Looking fitted is a way of life
I look just like Buddy Holly
...don't waste your youth growing up.

See you in two, Jake!


Saturday, December 10, 2011


Good luck on those pesky exams :)

The library will still be forever dry

winks for good luck! 

Disclaimer: these photos were in no way taken at the library on a friday night after studying for an unmentionable amount of hours followed by a denny's run with excellent friends.

h. henrich

Monday, November 28, 2011

Adventures in the homeland

This was playing as I landed in the sweet 76 degree california weather for break.. and when I landed in freezing Salt Lake today too. Took it as a sign that I need more m83 in my life.

But yes! I did get proposed to this Thanksgiving by none other than...Jake Slemboski... at the airport. He made the entire thing so convincing, a crowd gathered around and started cheering for us after I accepted his hand in marriage. As for the engagement ring...take a look at this rock:

Hark. A complimentary Hoo-Dat-Bird keychain made by Kayla. This is Humphrey and I love him.

In other news, my Thanksgiving was swell. I've learned I can be completely content if I have my family, friends, and an unlimited source of mashed potatoes.

Things I'm thankful for: regular sibling photo shoots in the bathroom, new boba experiences with great friends, shameful photos of k woww, veggie platters at family events, and most of all, squishing together on couches to watch the Walking Dead when there's not enough room <33

h. henrich

Sunday, November 20, 2011

'Tis the Season to be Jolly

Josh and I according to Megan Hinckley:

"This is the tale of two people from two different worlds and walks of life. Okay I'm not really getting deep here.  But take it from her roommate--it's all true! Holly is officially off the market! She is dating Josh, after a long friendship founded in Y-Group day 1 of college for Miss Henrich. And it's great because their Couple Name can be "Jolly."  I know, I know it's too good to be true. Anyways we're all real happy for the two of them and all that jazz. "

....welp, she pretty much covered it all.

But yes, for those that are still asking, the rumors (and facebook status) are true. Besides the fact that my family has started to place bets on the wedding date, I'm one happy girl :) I still get really giddy about our  date nights and listen to Backstreet Boys while trying on 7 outfits like it's our first.

I also take excessive photobooth pictures for reasons unknown.

In other news, seeing desperately missed people this week back in the homeland for Thanksgiving!

They can barely contain their excitement.

h. henrich

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Greetings >:) Friday afternoon Josh and I had an adventure in Salt Lake. What started out as going to see City and Colour turned into one of the luckiest days I've had.. :)

After eating some Belgain waffles and fries we roamed the streets until we came across Occupy Salt Lake. May or may not have participated in creating their press conference speech upon arrival..

I don't know who lives in this tent, but it was small and cute. I'm planning on making my way across the country to hit up as many Occupies as I can.

Nextly, we scored prime spots right in front of Dallas Green without having to wait for too long in the cold thanks to Josh's clever ways :)

It was a great time. After the concert, I locked eyes with their guitar tech and scored the set list from the show.

I was one happy girl. After that, Josh and I were able to talk to the band for a bit and hang out with Dallas Green himself :)

He's really nearsighted.

We had so much luck on this great day :) As for what happened at 11:11 that night...I'll let you use your imagination...winkie.


Monday, September 26, 2011


we are filthy girls.
This weekend, friends and I "ran" a 5k mud run..for charity, of course.
This is the wolf pack, prior to jumping over hay stacks, climbing walls, and rope swinging across mud puddles.

So the Dirty Dash may or may not have given us a reason to live our childhood dreams of rolling around in the mud without fearing the wrath of our mothers. It was a good day.

In other news, hope everyone noticed the equinox a few days ago! It happens twice a year when the Earth doesn't tilt towards or away from the sun. One of my professors told me that you could stand an egg up straight on these days..

It worked.

h. henrich