Thursday, August 15, 2013


It's been a year since I've blogged on here. 
Do you know the things that can happen in one year when you're a 20 year old college hooligan in this day and age?

Let me tell ya.

sisters abandon you and get hitched

brothers leave you secret messages on your typewriter before taking off for South America to serve the people of Chile

You become a Wild Thornberry and connect with animals on spiritual levels

You tell your mother you're dating Jesus after your wisdom teeth surgery

You realize you're the only one in this photo of your freshman roommates that isn't married yet

You get to take engagements and be a bridesmaid for a favorite friend

you come across old flames?????

and you continue to attempt to seduce all of your professors (no luck yet).

You also hike...a lot.

Next thing you know you're graduating in a year, working at Victoria's Secret and going antique store shopping on the weekends. They didn't say all of this would happen in college during An Extremely Goofy Movie. Note to future college students: there are slim odds of you joining the college X games and going to class with your dad.

h. henrich

on the road,

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