Sunday, April 10, 2011

10 Days

Ten days left before the semester is over and I get to go home for the weekend to see family and friends. This is how I spent day eleven, Saturday:

Roommate Brittany and I went to Borders to snag some books. I'm more of a Barnes & Noble girl, but since Borders is closing down, stores everywhere are practically giving away their books and I needed to take advantage of such an event. To our horror, the Borders we went to wasn't shutting down and didn't have any deals. Moded. So we left. Cravings for the written word continue.

After those dramatic five minutes, we attempted to ding dong ditch our other roommate, Corinne, with an excellent cupcake. I felt like the neighborhood rascal I always wanted to secretly be while waiting and giggling with Brittany to see her open the door. Unfortunately she had her earphones in and we had to come in and hand deliver the delicious treat. Foiled again.
After that, Jake Slemboski joined us and we went to Emily Brown's album release at Velour Music. Our ears were filled with great music from the Hernandez sisters, Jen Blosil, and of course the Emily Brown. Hear for yourself :)

h. henrich

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