Sunday, April 24, 2011

suite 2216/2218.

kind of how I feel at this point..

I started a new chapter of my life when I graduated high school.  There are certain people that have been in this chapter and have made my story quite interesting literature. I'll introduce you to a few of my favorite characters:

Rinnie rinster aka corinne morrison. She made an appearance in an earlier chapter at EFY a few years back and we've kept in touch which lead to the decision to become sweet-mates (see what I did there). She's got the pretty girl swag and is familiar with the right kind of music. This one kept getting kicked out of my band for various logical and illogical reasons. Oddly enough, she's one of the closest people I've let in (my fort). After countless nights staying up talking about an infinite number of things and ideas, I've come to really know her. She's one of the strongest people I've met and I have nothing but genuine respect for her. Rinnie rinster is goin places folks, and I can't wait for others to see how excellent she is <33 She's a keeper, maybe even my best friend, and I miss her..kind of a lot..but she'll never know that. Safe to say she'll be in at least a few more chapters.

Leesy-Leese aka AnnalisAAAY, aka Annalise Strange. Yes. You are in my blog now. This is really happening. Anyway, this south carolina loving confederate army supporter was my roommate (i know, i know). Complete credit to her for buying me my current light saber. She was my personal trainer/secretary/motivator in classes, all of which I am forever grateful for. Leesy leese was super patient with all my crazies/ brilliant brain blasts and for that, I think she can survive any roommate. I've prepared her well. I wish her luck on the journey to finish the Harry Potter series, and I'll see her next week for Spring term :)

Britt-neeee aka Brittany Tennant. She crazy. Brittany was always injuring herself in one way or another in the dorm. She has a pretty sweet voice and big dreams. This chick was always working hard at everything she set her mind to and was a pretty good psych whenever I needed someone to talk to. I also admire her determination to watch every single episode of How I Met Your Mother (which she accomplished). Although we may disagree on dumbledore vs yoda, she's still someone I'll go to the secret spot with.

So. I lived with these three for the last eight months. It was a delightful experience. I'm sad to turn the final page on this one... <3

next chapter.

h. henrich

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