Sunday, September 4, 2011


Amigos! Hi, hope your summer was great! Condensed version of mine: lake, work, hoppin on the track, bahamas, beach, kickboxing, and doing hoodrat things with friends.

climbing rope bridges with k woww in the bahamas.

So, now I'm back at BYU for another year full of great friends and excellent times. I'm kind of stoked about it. Here's what's happened in the last seven days since I've arrived..
road tripping to utah with rinnie rinster :)
 luchadores...paco won.
 boating and things!
 excellent seats at soccer games!
rooftop concerts
 sweet sunsets

I think it's gonna be a great year :)

h. henrich

p.s. if you made it this far, here's what I meant by hoppin on the track ;) w/ j steez & robbie youngz aka jake and robert.

yitted on em. by hollythatcould

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