Saturday, June 4, 2011

So much win.

Summer is on its way >:) Proof:
Normally, I don't bask in the sun and take pictures with leesy leese, but you can't just pass up weather like this. While increasing our risk of skin cancer this afternoon I was playing my guitar, Peter. THEN! Hoards of EFY children appeared from thin air and overtook the lawns everywhere. Naturally, we were heated. That all changed when a couple of youngsters started tossing quarters at us for playing guitar. HELLO LAUNDRY. We don't mind them so much anymore ;)

Oh, but what did I do over the holiday weekend? I'm glad you asked! I may or may not have flown to Texas to surprise rinnie rinster with my body and hang out with her and Brittany Tennant. I walked in her kitchen and said, "oh, hey". She then proceeded to cry and hug me. win >:) We went on a lot of quests, which included finding a chamber of secrets, meeting molly franco, and other things. HEHEHE. We also pranked Brittany in the shower. Can't ever let her get too comfy:
Post Prank: covered in flour with new friend, Stephanie Peterson.

THEN OH MY LANTA! Today there was a book festival on campus. David Archuleta made an appearance. I wish I was obsessed with him more. Ah well, still got an awkward picture.
I was more impressed that Madeline, Curious George, and others could drop by.
And best of all, I got my face painted like the champ that I am :)
(those are light sabers)
I can nearly taste summer :) can't wait to be home!

h. henrich

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