Monday, August 20, 2012

Concrete Jungle

If there's one philo I've always abided by in my life, it's that avoidance is key.

I practice what I preach, so Mother Hen and I ran away from work and the approaching school year to conquer New York for the weekend.
 Already making plans on moving there postgrad.

Half way done with this excellent read

Conquering Chinatown/ Little Italy

9/11 memorial

Ferry to Staten Island

Because Chipotle must be eaten in every state I'm in

Times Square


My one true love, the United Nations

conquering the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Empire State

People watching in grand central

Exploring this concrete jungle has only made me more excited about the future

Speaking of futures, found out on the subway that my wild wild sister got engaged to her sweet love!

What a couple, eh? :)

h henrich

Central Park
New York City, New York

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