Monday, July 23, 2012

summer adventures

So so happy this summer.

Been out exploring a good amount.
Besides the mosquito bites and spiders that are unearthly sizes, no complaints :)

I've sat in on some great bonfires, napped in some surprisingly comfortable hammocks,
but most importantly, learned the pains of having sweat in my eyes.
I wouldn't recommend that last one.

Adventures that await:

water skiing: take 2
flying planes (by that i mean sitting in a plane with goggles and a scarf looking noble)
free diving in Catalina
THE k woww and her lover boy returning to the homeland <33
exploring nyc

I've learned that summers with the right people are prime.
Stay golden, folks :)

h henrich

Prior to seeing the spider that has taunted me in my nightmares for years
Etiwanda Falls, California

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