Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Oh hey, welcome to my humble abode. I thought I'd make a blog to make things more convenient for facestalkers to stay updated on my adventures..and friends too. Here's some elevator music while you read on about the things i feel i must announce:

Ahem. First and foremost, I believe in Star Wars. I have been called every name in the book: dweeb, nerd, skilled jedi padawan, etc (all of which may or may not be true).  I have a poster above my bed of Episode IV and every time I look at it, I get more and more confident in my belief that somewhere out there, galactic wars are being fought. There is so much more to this universe than just us, and I hope we get to discover places like that at some point in our existence. I also think ewoks are adorable little creatures. I'd like to meet one and befriend it

Next, I have a secret spot here in Provo. I go to it whenever I need to get away from this shoe box of a dorm or study/people watch. A select group of people know where it is, and I recently went to this place with some great friends when we needed to study for our exams this weekend. I have a hunch they like this place too

I sure do like my friends.

h. henrich

oh and if you're a facestalker...satisfied with this one? i'll keep em coming :)

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  1. hey dweeb sister. glad to see ur surviving in Utah. miss you. fun site. -angela. follow me.