Saturday, March 12, 2011

Greetings loved ones. So much has happened this past week, so here's some more elevator music while you read on:

oh, wondering about that video? well you see, that's corinne (bandmate/roommate/partner in pranks) we're just poor college students in dire need of m&s tickets for las vegas next month, but we just can't blow our entire savings to see them. So instead we thought we'd attempt to sing one of their songs "white blank page".

that's mumford..and all of his sons.

So earlier this week was one of my future/past roommate's birthday. we threw her a surprise birthday party filled with cupcakes and ice cream. she's the one throwing up the gang sign.

She's so cool and we watch Jersey Shore together. She made me this! The snooki to my jwoww <33

But anyway, onto something much more important..Japan. It's heartbreaking to see the images of what's going on there and it's times like these I wish I was back at EHS helping to organize some type of fundraiser with clubs to raise money, and I hope EHS is doing something in light of this crisis. People can do things from anywhere though. Pray for Japan, pray for everyone who's in need of something. It's hard to imagine a country going through this with all the luxury we live in..

h. henrich

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  1. partner in pranks indeed....I WILL RISE ABOVE.