Sunday, November 13, 2011


Greetings >:) Friday afternoon Josh and I had an adventure in Salt Lake. What started out as going to see City and Colour turned into one of the luckiest days I've had.. :)

After eating some Belgain waffles and fries we roamed the streets until we came across Occupy Salt Lake. May or may not have participated in creating their press conference speech upon arrival..

I don't know who lives in this tent, but it was small and cute. I'm planning on making my way across the country to hit up as many Occupies as I can.

Nextly, we scored prime spots right in front of Dallas Green without having to wait for too long in the cold thanks to Josh's clever ways :)

It was a great time. After the concert, I locked eyes with their guitar tech and scored the set list from the show.

I was one happy girl. After that, Josh and I were able to talk to the band for a bit and hang out with Dallas Green himself :)

He's really nearsighted.

We had so much luck on this great day :) As for what happened at 11:11 that night...I'll let you use your imagination...winkie.


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