Monday, November 28, 2011

Adventures in the homeland

This was playing as I landed in the sweet 76 degree california weather for break.. and when I landed in freezing Salt Lake today too. Took it as a sign that I need more m83 in my life.

But yes! I did get proposed to this Thanksgiving by none other than...Jake Slemboski... at the airport. He made the entire thing so convincing, a crowd gathered around and started cheering for us after I accepted his hand in marriage. As for the engagement ring...take a look at this rock:

Hark. A complimentary Hoo-Dat-Bird keychain made by Kayla. This is Humphrey and I love him.

In other news, my Thanksgiving was swell. I've learned I can be completely content if I have my family, friends, and an unlimited source of mashed potatoes.

Things I'm thankful for: regular sibling photo shoots in the bathroom, new boba experiences with great friends, shameful photos of k woww, veggie platters at family events, and most of all, squishing together on couches to watch the Walking Dead when there's not enough room <33

h. henrich

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