Monday, May 2, 2011

Rinnie Rinster.

I am obsessed folks..with this song.

I am also obsessed with rinnie rinster:
Name: Corinne Morrison
Category: Best Friend
Fact: Likes to watch boring tv shows.
Hobbies: cupcake eating, doing things to get kicked out of peter and the chicks, being really little.
Birthday: irrelevant.

So I know I posted yesterday, and you're like dude you're weird, I totally regret clicking on this link. Ehh, fair enough. But too much has happened within the last 24 hours regarding this girl and I want the world to know the following:

 all of your best friends suck compared to mine.

Feast your eyes upon her fearsome demeanor!
Abilities: excellent voice, good at painting nails, has sweet collection of beanies
weaknesses: cries, is little.
Special Powers: Hermione look-a-like, can prank on command, shares cool stories, can break into heavily guarded forts.

If your best friend can do all of the above...then they are imaginary because there can only be one rinnie rinster.


In all seriousness though, I don't know how Corinne does it. She's the person I can think aloud with. We've talked about our fears, secrets, dreams and desires. I'm Holly Henrich, I hardly ever show my emotions. I'm the most bad-ay chick you'll ever meet (new lightsaber being added to collection soon). She knows who I really am and has still stuck around all this time. She's laughed with me, pranked with me, and as of late, cried with me. She's the most selfless best friend I could ever ask for. She knows exactly how I feel all the time and has always been there for me. Even when I first met her a few years back, she knew exactly how to be my friend in a time that I needed one the most.

Truth is everyone, Corinne is the best friend we all want to have in our lives. She'd do anything for me..even if it ends up hurting her. I don't deserve a friendship like this, but I don't ever want to lose it. I realized recently how much she means to me through an experience I wouldn't wish upon any foe. She's the person I need the most, and I'm blown away to even be considered her best friend. I wouldn't want to fight any sith lord without her.


h. henrich

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